Jun 22, 2017


We'll go from 5'1" of Christina Ricci alllllll the way up to 5'10" of Zendaya, soon to be seen in the upcoming "Spider-Man: Homecoming".

Also soon to be seen in the 142 pictures right HERE

Jun 21, 2017

Christina Ricci (day 2)

One last day of Christinas and now I'm out - Christina Ricci making a return appearance.

And for a little more of little Christina, click HERE

Jun 20, 2017

Christina Ricci

Hey! It's yet another Christina - all 5' 1" of actress Christina Ricci, currently starring in the TV series "Z: The Beginning of Everything".

And for your viewing enjoyment, more Christina right HERE

Jun 19, 2017

Christina Milian (again)

I liked those Christina Milian pictures I posted yesterday so much that I felt I needed to post more of here today.

If you liked 'em too, click HERE for even more.

Jun 18, 2017

Christina Milian

We had a Christina on Saturday, how about one on Sunday - actress/singer Christina Milian.