Aug 16, 2017

Twitter pics - August (part 1)

Still hot outside... but hotter than these Twitter pics? You decide.

And click HERE if you want to catch 'em all

Aug 15, 2017

Dakota Fanning (by request - sorta)

And here's Dakota Fanning in those sorta-clear heels...

And HERE is more Dakota.

Aug 14, 2017

Adriana Lima (by request - sorta)

Somebody requested "any celeb wearing those pumps that have clear plastic parts". I'm going to assume these pics of Brazilian model Adriana Lima were the kind you were looking for.

Oh, and there's a few more if you click HERE

Aug 13, 2017

Kristen Bell (by request)

This request came from a specific event and while the TC isn't spectacular, I'll let it stand because I like Kristen.

If you like her too, click HERE for more